J I Packer Thinks He Is More Prudent Than God

written by Mark McCulley

When J. I Packer claims that election is not part of the gospel message (“Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God”), he relegates the doctrine of election to the “hidden God” who we need not know.  Besides the God who has already elected a sinner in Christ or not, there is a false god offering Christ to sinners. Continue reading

Free Offer or Free Will?
March 7, 2012, 11:38 am
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written by David Bishop

Minutes of the Fifteenth General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1948:

“There is in God a benevolent lovingkindness towards the repentance and salvation of even those whom he has not decreed to save.  This pleasure, will, desire is expressed in the universal call to repentance. The full and free offer of the gospel is a grace bestowed upon all.  Such grace is necessarily a manifestation of love or lovingkindness in the heart of God, and this lovingkindness is revealed to be of a character or kind that is correspondent with the grace bestowed.  The grace offered is nothing less than salvation in its richness and fulness. The love or lovingkindness that lies back of that offer is not anything less; it is the will to salvation.   In other words, it is Christ in all the glory of his person and in all the perfection of his finished work whom God offers in the gospel.  The loving and benevolent will that is the source of that offer and that grounds, it veracity and reality is the will to the possession of Christ and the enjoyment of the salvation that resides in him.” Continue reading

Is the Gospel an Offer or Command?
February 15, 2012, 12:04 pm
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written by Scott Price

Scripture says the gospel is to be preached to everybody (1). We are not to be anti-evangelistic, or anti-means. None of God’s Elect will be converted without the means of the gospel of grace heard, understood, and believed (2).

God commands sinners to believe and repent (3), not offers them salvation. Faith and repentance are gifts (4) through revelation and are not offers. Doesn’t it sound crazy to think of God saying,” here is faith (belief). Do you want it?” You either believe or you do not. Unregenerate people do not automatically have a reserve of faith that they can exercise towards Christ at any given time (5). The Bible also speaks about people disobeying the gospel (6). Can a person disobey an offer? They can only disobey a command. Does this mean we toss out “whosoever will”? No! Continue reading