Our purpose is to proclaim the one true Gospel and its implications in a world of false religion. In the midst of those who preach a false Christ and a false gospel, we seek to bring forth theological issues that we believe are important even though they are not popular. We reject and have zero tolerance toward any professing Christians who hold to, or accept in any way, views akin to pelagianism, semi-pelagianism, and/or arminianism.
We are:
Scott Price – http://www.gospeldefense.com/
Christopher Macfarlane – http://theproteststation.wordpress.com/
Mark Mcculley – http://markmcculley.wordpress.com/
David Bishop – http://cornbreadandbourbon.wordpress.com/2013/05/
Josbel Perez – http://creesolamenteyserassalvo.blogspot.com/2013/05/la-tumba-del-calvinismo-tolerante.html?spref=fb

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