Does God See The Sins of His People?
March 30, 2012, 2:32 pm
Filed under: Law/Gospel Distinction, Lordship Salvation, Universal Atonement

written by Scott Price

The Sins of God’s people have been put away. They are hid in the value of the effectual merit of the blood and righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is that enough? The value of His effectual work starts with God’s promise in the Covenant made before time. The God who cannot lie promised eternal life based on Christ in this Covenant. He swore to this by His Name. This shows the faith and confidence that the Father had in Christ. This part of salvation is no small thing. All the conditions and duties were on the holy shoulders of the Lord Jesus as He performed the gospel in every step, fulfilling the terms of the Covenant.


The Lord came into the world for a few reasons: #1) As Mediator He represented His Father #2) He came to do the will of His Father #3) As Mediator He represented His people #4) He glorified the Father and finished the work which the Father sent Him to do, thus righteousness was established for His people, which is the ground of their salvation. This all shows that God Almighty is both a just God and a loving Savior.

His Life

Christ did this by performing many meritorious duties as the only qualified High Priest, anointed and appointed of the Father. Christ kept the law in every point. He kept it, honored, fulfilled it, and magnified the whole of it, to the very spirit of it in His every word thought, deed, and motive. He did this as the Representative for His people, the elect.

His Death

He then died a specific death. This death was the death as a Sacrifice. He accomplished Representation, Substitution, Propitiation, Justification, Redemption, and Reconciliation. He flawlessly put away sin by the sacrifice of His sinless Person. Sin has no more claim on the elect. As the Father views them in Christ, they are legally in the state of perfect righteousness and are unchargable with sin. Sin cannot be charged if the guilt, curse, and condemnation of it is completely removed by the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The proof of all this is not only the testimony of God’s word, which should be sufficient for His children to rest on, but God has given a more visible sign for His people to look to. The Father raised Christ up from the dead showing victory over sin, death, hell, and the grave. This was a sign that the Covenant was fulfilled and one of the promises to Christ from the Father was accomplished, resurrection from the dead. This was proof that the sacrifice was acceptable and also successful, otherwise He would still be in the grave. God also granted Christ His ascension and exaltation to His right hand, showing preeminence above all without exception.


I have not mentioned anything at all on the sinner’s end that they must do. At this point let me ask an important question. Just looking at what has been mentioned about what Christ has done to accomplish the eradication of sin, I ask you is all of it enough? No? Then you see no value at all in Who He is or what He did. If you answer yes, then immediately stop your working for righteousness, turn from all other false ways trust in, and rest on the One who did the work alone. Do you know Him as His doctrine describes Him? Hear His gospel. Hear it like nothing else matters, because compared to the importance of this, nothing else does matter.  Think on these things.  Does God See The Sins of His People?


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